One thought on “John McCann for City Council 2014

  1. Bruce S

    I just received a mailing from “Friends of Steve Padilla” insinuating that McCann is corrupted because amongst other things the pay off for jesus Gandara of over $400,000.00 after he was convicted and going to jail. I was going to contact Mr. Padilla office and let him know that I don’t approve of these type of mailings. First I researched it and discovered everything Mr. Padilla said was true.
    I’m an Independent and very rarely vote for Dems but when it is a choice of a Dem. and someone that gives away money to criminals like this guy…

    I can only infer that If he ever got caught lets say with his hands in the till he would expect his friends would do the same for him that he did for jesus. Their’s time before I vote so i am always open to hearing his side of this.

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