San Diegans Against Hate PAC

From their website:

Ten Guiding Principles
1. Oppose candidates who support Liberated Ethnic Studies or any other curriculum which attempts to re-write the experience of Jewish Americans and what it means to be Jewish

2. Support candidates who support the CA Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum

3. Oppose candidates who support ANY kind of boycott of Israel or Israelis, mainly but not limited to the “BDS” movement

4. Support candidates who make comprehensive holocaust education a priority

5. Oppose candidates who state Jews are not native to the Middle East

6. Support candidates who will establish anti-bias training for students, teachers, and staff

7. Oppose candidates who compare the Jewish experience in United States to that of Europeans

8. Support candidates who express a willingness to learn and actively take steps to become better educated about antisemitism

9. Oppose candidates who promote antisemitic tropes such as dual loyalty, using money to control society or being at fault for any evil in the world

10. Support candidates in historically underserved communities who can help build alliances between the Jewish community and other marginalized groups

Founders are Jared Sclar and Larry Kornit.

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