PoliticalPropaganda.org was created with the goal of being a searchable archive of all promotional materials (i.e. propaganda pieces) distributed by campaign committees and received voters over the course of an election. Campaigns often target their messaging to specific voters, voters receive only the information from campaigns that the campaigns feels is persuasive to the specific voter. This site aims to allows voters to see all of the messaging generated by all campaigns about all candidates in an election.

PoliticalPropaganda.org  creates an interactive forum where voters can comment on, rate and share the propaganda they see on the site.

The publication of promotional pieces on this site is for voter information and journalistic purposes ONLY does NOT constitute endorsement or support for any candidate/campaign/measure. Any valid promotional piece, from any campaign committee, distributed to voters via canvassing, US mail, radio or television, that is submitted to this site will be published. Submission must include when, where and by whom the piece was received, and the electronic images of the piece must be complete and quality of the image of  enough resolution to clearly display the relevant disclosure information about the piece.

If promotional pieces you have received are not yet published on this site, it reflects only that the pieces have not been submitted for publication, and we encourage you to submit them to info@politicalpropaganda.org.

Comments by viewers and contributors are encouraged. However, comments that contain vulgar or abusive language; personal attacks of any kind; offensive terms that target specific ethnic or racial groups or incite violence, will not be published. Comments expressed on the site, as well as the ratings contained there-in, are those of the users and do not necessarily reflect the views of the site author.

About the Author

Cynara Velazquez is a political junkie, who has seen the good, bad and repugnant sides of political messaging. While she is fully, and admittedly, bias in her own political views, she created this site to be an unbiased archive where viewers can see and judge for themselves the messaging being promoted by all the candidates and their associated campaigns.