Community Voices San Diego

City of San Diego Disclosure site:

This is a general purpose committee registered in the County of San Diego, further campaign finance filings can be found on the County Portal. The principal officer is Ryan Clumpner.

The San Diego Reader has published the below article regarding this committee:

From the article:

On May 24, the Building Industry Association of San Diego County PAC contributed $30,000. The San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce PAC contributed $49,000 on May 9, and the Downtown San Diego Partnership PAC contributed $20,000 on May 11.

“The current incarnation of Community Voices goes back to October 9, 2019, according to a statement of organization filed with the Registrar listing the former GOP Lincoln Club executive director Ryan Clumpner as principal officer.”

“In August 2018, Clumpner was appointed to the board of the San Diego Housing Commission, by GOP then-San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, according to the commission news release, which said the appointment’s tenure runs through August 2022.

Per the commission’s website, Clumpner is the board’s current vice chair.”

This committee is a Independent Third Party Committee.

The Local Jurisdiction committee ID is 1421730

The committee address is 525 B Street, Suite 1420, San Diego, CA 92101.

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