Susan Guinn

As a consumer advocate attorney for over twenty years, Susan Guinn has spent her career fighting for people to make sure they get a fair deal. She is passionate about consumer rights and has a proven track record of results. She has protected taxpayers from fraudulent taxes and fees, and fought for families and businesses to collect from insurance companies after catastrophic losses. Her firm worked tirelessly to win a $3.3 billion dollar settlement against Big Tobacco.

We need an advocate who won’t play favorites in the assessor’s office – that’s why she is running. The backlog in the assessor’s office is costing hardworking San Diego County families and businesses money. That’s just not right. She will simplify processes and eliminate the backlog, making sure that we aren’t needlessly overpaying.

Old systems and outdated practices cause inefficiencies that cost taxpayers. She will modernize the office, ensuring taxpayers aren’t stuck paying more than their fair share.

She will be an advocate for all taxpayers, working to empower families and businesses through community outreach and educational programs.

As our Assessor/Recorder/Clerk, Susan Guinn will continue to stand-up for San Diego County families and businesses to ensure everyone is treated fairly and equitably and not overtaxed, giving us the consumer and taxpayer advocate we need to protect our pocketbooks. Susan Guinn has the experience to make this office work for all of us.

Susan Guinn is not a career politician. She is a successful business woman and community volunteer. She has been a Board Member of the Consumer Attorneys of California; Equality California; the St. Paul’s Foundation; and, is a Co-Founder along with her son Max of KidsEcoClub. She is also Chair of the San Diego Unified School District’s Environmental Sustainability Committee.

Susan is married, has two sons and lives in San Diego.

Further Information:

  • Party: Democrat

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