Sarah Boot and Prop 13

This propaganda piece was created by Lori Zapf for City Council 2014 against Sarah Boot in the 2014 - San Diego City Council District 2 election.

Received by voter on 05/10/2014 via mail.

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One thought on “Sarah Boot and Prop 13

  1. Cynara Velazquez

    This hit is a long stretch… Firstly, it implies a position against Prop 13 that Sarah Boot has not taken because some of her backers (I assume the unions, but it doesn’t say) do support it.. However, it also implies that “supporeters” want to weaken Prop 13 rights for home owners (see the sad elderly woman behind the text), but as far as I understand, the only discussions regarding revising Prop 13’s involves its impact on businesses, not residential, property. This piece is two stretches too far… And this is how “propaganda” get such a bad name…

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