California Democratic Party

This committee is a Political Party Committee.

The State committee ID is 741666

The committee address is 1830 9th Street, Sacramento, CA 94811.

Further Information:

Campaign Website:

Associated Propaganda Pieces/Slate Mailers

CA State Senate 38 – CDP – Anti-Choice MAGA Matt Gunderson

For Mike Levin – Night & Day

For Chris Duncan – Fed Prosecutor

For Chris Duncan – Eyeballs Pol. Mail

CA AD 74 – CDP Slate – Disturbing Hats

CA AD 74 – CDP Slate – Lying Trump Laurie

CA State Senate 74 – CDP Slate – Against Laurie Davies “COVID .. Blessing”

For Mike Levin – Mass Shootings

CA State Senate 38 – CDP Slate – Against “Greedy” Gunderson

Against Matt Gunderson – Anti-Choice

Against Matt Gunderson – MAGA Hat

Duncan Against Davies

Levin Superhero Cartoon

For Joseph Rocha – RX Drug Prices

Against Brian Jones – Big Pharma

Against Laurie Davies – Alarming

Against Laurie Davies – Say NO to Extremist

La Mesa – CDP Slate Mailer

Yes on Prop 1 – We Won’t Go Back

CA Senate 40 – CDP Rocha / Props Slate Mailer

Against Brian Maryott – Election Denier

Yes on Prop 1 – CA Constitutional Abortion Care Right

For Blakespear – Fighting for Biz / Economy

Yes on Prop 30 (3)

Yes on Prop 30 (2)

Yes on Prop 30

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