Candidate Name
Aida Cuahutli Casteñeda smiling
Aida Cuahutli Casteñeda
Headshot of Alyce Marie Pipkin Allen smiling with pearl earrings and necklace and red formal coat with blurred outdoors background
Alyce Marie Pipkin Allen
Medium body shot of Alysson Snow outside a building wearing a purple jacket with black shirt beneath with white text saying "run like a girl" smiling and looking to the right
Alysson Snow
Headshot of Analyse Christine Ramirez smiling in glasses, pink earrings, and blue top with blurred foliage background
Analyse Christine Ramirez
Andrea Beth Damsky
Andrea Cardenas
Headshot of Andrew Hayes in a blue suit jacket with light blue collared shirt smiling against a brownish background
Andrew Hayes
Picture of Ann Crosbie smiling in a collared jacket with black top against a dark backdrop
Ann Crosbie
Bart Miesfeld
Bob Divine
Headshot of Brian Erickson in a business suit with USA flag pin
Brian Erickson
Picture of Brian Lamere smiling standing in front of an artistic back wall with large perhaps unfinished illustrations of grass and plants and what looks to be a dragon fly
Brian Lamere
Brian Maienschein
Picture of Brian Polejes smiling wearing glasses and purple shirt and tie in front of a window
Brian Polejes
Picture of Bryan Pease smiling in a dark business jacket with grey tie and white collared shirt against a white background
Bryan Pease
Carl DeMaio
Picture of Carol Naiman Waldman smiling on a blue background
Carol Naiman Waldman
Picture of Casey Kennedy smiling in dark long sleeved top with long thin necklace with pendant and backward cap in front of fields of flowers
Casey Kennedy
Picture of Cathie Hyatt smiling in a dark top
Cathie Hyatt
Cesar Fernandez
Picture of Cheryl Robertson smiling in floral blouse and glasses
Cheryl Robertson
Medium body shot of Chida Warren-Darby in a dark navy blue dress with public park background
Chida Warren-Darby
Chris Ward
Headshot of Christie Dougherty smiling in dark top and glasses with white background
Christie Dougherty
Picture of Christine Brady smiling on a bright sunny day in a reddish orange sleeveless top with construction in the background
Christine Brady
Headshot of Coleen Cusack with fuscia cape, long sleeve black sweater with white collared formal shirt peaking out of the sweater and a gender equality pin wearing glasses on a white background
Coleen Cusack
Picture of Colin Parent sitting on a bus. Picture from Colin's website for Assembly.
Colin Parent
Corey Gustafson
Cynara Kidwell
Dallin Young smiling in a white collared business shirt against a white wall
Dallin Young
Black and white headshot of Dan Smiechowski in a dark business suit and tie with white collared shirt and a USA flag pin on white background
Dan Smiechowski
Portrait of Daniel Rice-Vazquez in a black business jacket, blue tie, and white collared shirt against a muddy grey and blue backdrop
Daniel Rice-Vazquez
Picture of Danny Avitia with arms folded in a grey business jacket and maroon tie with white collared shirt against a blurred building wall
Danny Avitia
Headshot of David Alcaraz smiling with a light purple collared shirt against a purple greenery background
David Alcaraz
David Alvarez
David Alvarez
Picture of David Vincent with arms crossed in a light blue collared shirt against a blurred plant background
David Vincent
Medium body shot of Delfina Gonzalez smiling in a off white jacket with dark blue top in front of a founatin with bronze dolphins and greenery
Delfina Gonzalez
Picture of Derek Casady smiling in glasses and wearing a blue collared shirt
Derek Casady
Picture of Destiny Preston smiling and sitting on a black foldable chair with pink collared jacket, white top, and black pants with chunky brown sandals on a polished stone floor and white wall in the background
Destiny Preston
Don Dumas
Donnetta E. Moore
Headshot of Christos Korgan smiling in a grey business jacket and red tie with blue stripes and white collared shirt against a graphic blue gradient background
Dr Christos Korgan
Dr Crystal Trull smiling in a white jacket and abstract top against a light grey background
Dr Crystal Trull
Picture of Dr Darshana Patel in front of a public school with a beaming smile, wearing a light powder blue collared jacket and floral v-neck blouse
Dr Darshana Patel
Dr. Akilah Weber
Headshot of Elena Adams in black framed glasses and black patterned dress coat
Elena Adams
Picture of Elizabeth Leventhal smiling in a teal top against a warm brown background
Elizabeth Leventhal
Headshot of Ellis California Jones smiling in navy blue formal collared shirt and navy blue tie with small white dots on blurred gray patterned background
Ellis California Jones
Headshot of Esther Escovedo smiling wearing a maroon top with blurred greenery background
Esther Escovedo
Felicia House smiling
Felicia House
Picture of Fernando Garcia in a business suit and tie with blurred building background
Fernando Garcia
Medium body shot of Frances Yasmeen Motiwalla smiling and crossing their arms in white formal top with blurred city background
Frances Yasmeen Motiwalla
Picture of Francine Busby smiling in a light grey formalo jacket with white top a thin gold chain necklace against an abstract background with purple
Francine Busby
Francisco Tamayo
Medium body shot of Geneviéve Jones-Wright with arms folded, smiling with formal navy blue jacket and white blouse with the bay and City of San Diego in the background
Geneviéve Jones-Wright
Picture of George Van Hasselt smiling in a business suit and tie against a graphic of the continental USA as a USA flag against a red background with red stars
George Van Hasselt
Georgine Tomasi
Picture of Heather Ferbert smiling in glasses with light blue formal jacket and blue blouse with a building in background
Heather Ferbert
Headshot of Henny Kupferstein with colorful shawl draped around her neck with a warm grey background
Henny Kupferstein
Headshot of Henry Foster III in a navy blue business jacket, blue collared shirt, and golden yellow tie against a blurred street background
Henry Foster III
Picture of jean-huy tran in an ao dai wearing glasses on a bright sunny day in front of a blurred public park
Huy “Jean-Huy” Tran
Headshot of Indroneal Banerjee in a blue and white checkered collared shirt and light blue tie against a grey wall
Indroneal Banerjee
Picture of Jack Fernandes mid-stroll looking to the left with business casual clothing
Jack Fernandes
Medium body shot of James Browne in formal wear speaking into a microphone on a stage
James Browne
Headshot of Jane Glasson with dark navy blue formal jacket against foliage in the background
Jane Glasson
Picture of Japhet Perez Estrada smiling in a navy blue business jacket and open white collared shirt against the Coronado Bridge skyline
Japhet Perez Estrada
Jason Bercovitch smiling
Jason Bercovitch
Jen Crumley
Headshot of Jodi Cleesattle for Judge
Jodi Cleesattle
Joe LaCava
Jonathan “Jonny” Swanson
Picture of José Sarmiento in a business suit with red tie and white collared shirt with microphone in hand and papers in the other against a warm grey brownish background
José Sarmiento
Joseph Rocha
Headshot of Joy Frew in light pink collared jacket and magenta collared shirt, smiling with a building in the background
Joy Frew
Juan Vargas
Headshot of Julie Schorr smiling in a white blouse
Julie Schorr
Kate Bishop smiling in a pink jacket, blue earrings, and glasses against a light grey background
Kate Bishop
Picture of Kate Callen in a garden with a bronze statue of an early 20th century woman in a wide brimmed hat in the background
Kate Callen
Kelvin Barrios
Picture of Kevin Juza smiling in a blue rolled up sleeves collared shirt and jeans, sitting down with a beige medium-sized dog with a plant and wooden fence in the background
Kevin Juza
Headshot of Koryn Sheppard on white background smiling in a business suit and pearl necklace
Koryn Sheppard
Picture of Kristie Bruce-Lane smiling at a desk with pen in hand wearing a dark navy blue suit jacket and light blue pin-striped collared shirt
Kristie Bruce-Lane
Headshot of Larry Turner smiling and looking to the right in a blue collared shirt
Larry Turner
Picture of Dr LaShae Sharp-Collins at a public park
LaShae Sharp-Collins
Picture of Lauren Bier smiling behind a podium with two microphones against a backdrop that says "CADEM Progressive Caucus" in a pattern
Lauren Bier
Full body shot of Lauren Cazares sitting crossed-legged and smiling on a La Mesa public bench with blue top and beige pants
Lauren Cazares
Lee Quinn
Black and white picture of Leila Khader smiling in dark top against grey background
Leila Khader
Leticia Munguia
Lori Saldaña
Picture of Luca de Sanctis Barton smiling in a dark blue zip up jacket with light blue collared shirt and an ARTS pin in the middle of a room of seated people
Luca de Sanctis Barton
Lydia Van Note smiling in dark business jacket, blue top, and white necklace with blurred background
Lydia Van Note
Picture of Mandy Havlik in a dark blue dress with white pearl necklace against blurred green foliage
Mandy Havlik
Headshot of Manuel Gomez smiling, wearing glasses and a plaid collared shirt
Manuel Gomez
Marco Verdugo
Marichu Magana
Picture of Marisa Allen smiling with dark jacket and light green top against a blurred fountain background
Marisa Allen
Marni Von Wilpert
Marquetta Brown smiling
Marquetta Brown
Picture of Meghann Hughes smiling against purple background
Meghann F. Hughes
Headshot of Melinda K. Vásquez smiling in a black and white patterned top against green foliage background
Melinda K. Vásquez
Headshot of Michael Gelfand smiling on a sunny day with sailboat in the background
Michael Gelfand
Headshot of Michael Inzunza smiling in a blue business suit and white collared shirt with a suburban street background with greenery
Michael Inzunza
Michael W. Williams
Headshot of Minola Clark Manson smiling with glasses, earrings, and formal jacket against blurred background
Minola Clark Manson
Headshot of Miriam Kanter Plotkin in a black face mask and glasses outside a stadium
Miriam Kanter Plotkin
Picture of Monique R. Barrett smiling in a black top with black kerchief that has white polka dots in a car
Monique R. Barrett
Picture of Nadia Farjood smiling with arms crossed wearing a dark blue blazer with white top against a background with greenery
Nadia Farjood
Picture of Nancy Casady smiling with black jacket and white collared shirt with white necklace against a light grey studio backdrop
Nancy Casady
Nathan Hochman
Nathan Hochman
Picture of Nick Serrano smiling in a black business suit with purple tie and white collared shirt against a blurred building background
Nick Serrano
Picture of Nicole Crosby smiling in a black business jacket and red shirt against green foliage with purple flowers
Nicole Crosby
Picture of Nikki Faddick smiling with brown round earrings, cream top, and thin long necklace against a blurrede wooded area
Nikki Faddick
Headshot of Octavio Aguilar in a light purple collared formal shirt with black brimmed hat against a grey backdrop
Octavio Aguilar
Picture of Oren Robinson smiling on a bright sunny day in a hoodie and t shirt in front of greenery and a fountain
Oren Robinson
Picture of Parisa Ijadi-Maghsoodi smiling in a gray business jacket and light top against a blurred greenery and building background
Parisa Ijadi-Maghsoodi
Patricia Dillard
Picture of Paul Mendoza smiling on a bright sunny day in a blue and cyan Hawaiian shirt with a yellow voting ballot envelope in their hands
Paul Mendoza
Picture of Pratima Gupta with a bright smile, dangly earrings, and patterned collared shirt against a light blue to slightly darker bright blue gradient background
Pratima Gupta
Picture of Racquel Vasquez smiling in front of a community garden celebration in Lemon Grove
Racquel Vasquez
Rafael Perez
Raul Campillo
Picture of Rebecca Fielding-Miller smiling in glasses and purple top with window and greenery in the backfground
Rebecca Fielding-Miller
Rebecca Taylor
Headshot of Rena Marrocco in a black and white top against a white background
Rena Marrocco
Richard Barrera smiling wearing a blue collared shirt and dark blue tie in front of a stucco wall
Richard Barrera
Rick Bates
Headshot of Rickie Brown smiling against a light grey backdrop in a maroon dress with one large floral decoration and glasses
Rickie Brown
Rudy Ramirez
Picture of Ryan Trabuco smiling in a casual collared shirt in front of the county voter registrar building
Ryan Trabuco
Sabrina Bazzo
Headshot of Samantha Jenkins smiling in glasses with a blue formal coat and blouse with chunky geometric necklace
Samantha Jenkins
Picture of Sarah Davis in glasses and smiling beneth a white face mask and wearing a medical white coat against a light grey wall
Sarah Davis
Picture of Sarah Elfeky smiling in a teal hijab and white physician's coat against a grey background
Sarah Elfeky
Sean Elo-Rivera
Medium body shot of Seth Smith smiling in blue top and blurred Lemon Grove background
Seth Smith
Shane Parmely
Headshot of Sheri Sachs smiling in a light green top against a blurred light purple patterned backdrop
Sheri Sachs
Headshot of Smith Sirisakorn smiling in a grey business suit and white collared shirt with tie and blurred green foliage in the background
Smith Sirisakorn
Picture of Stephanie Wells smiling in a white top against a blue background
Stephanie Wells
Stephen Whitburn
Tasha Boerner
Headshot of Temika Cook smiling against white backdrop
Temika Cook
Headshot of Terry Hoskins in a business suit and tie with blurred background
Terry Hoskins
Headshot of Theresa "Terry" Corrales with a blue denim collared jacket and blue top against a blurred foliage background
Theresa “Terry” Corrales
Headshot of Tina Rynberg smiling in blue formal jacket and horizontal black and blue striped blouse with blurred white pillars in background
Tina Rynberg
Todd Gloria
Picture of Tylisa Suseberry in red formal suit on warm grey background, smiling
Tylisa Suseberry
Valentine Macedo Jr.
Headshot of Valentine Richard Macedo smiling with a vignetted background
Valentine Richard Macedo
Headshot of Valerie Summers in a business jacket against a building background
Valerie Summers
Headshot for Vanessa Valenzuela wearing a dark top and glasses against a window and plant background
Vanessa Valenzuela
Vivian Moreno
Picture of Yusef Miller smiling in a business suit with tie and white collared shirt against a white wall background
Yusef Miller
Zenith Khan smiling
Zenith Khan