Laurie Davies

Candidate's Website:

Associated Propaganda Pieces

Against Chris Duncan – Pain at the Pump

For Laurie Davies – Davita, Offshore Drilling

For Laurie Davies – Davita / Desmond for Laurie, Nuke Waste

Against Chris Duncan – Himself

Against Chris Duncan – Defund The Police

Against Chris Duncan – Break Our Bank

For Chris Duncan – Fed Prosecutor

Against Chris Duncan – Arm Leg

Against Chris Duncan – Gas Prices

For Laurie Davies – Davita “Excptnl Ldr”

For Laurie Davies – Davita “Leader”

For Laurie Davies – Davita “75,000 Cops”

For Laurie Davies – Davita “Safety”

Davies MAGA Extremist

Against Laurie Davies – Alarming

Against Laurie Davies – Say NO to Extremist

Associated Slate Mailers

CA AD 74 – CDP Slate – Disturbing Hats

CA AD 74 – CDP Slate – Lying Trump Laurie

CA State Senate 74 – CDP Slate – Against Laurie Davies “COVID .. Blessing”

Oceanside – Reform California Voter Guide Slate

Duncan Against Davies

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