Chris Duncan

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Dear Neighbor,

Thank you for visiting our website to learn more about me and my campaign for the newly drawn 74th State Assembly District.

As a longtime public servant, I have dedicated my career to making our country and our communities a better place to live. As Mayor Pro Tem of San Clemente, I worked across party lines to help us get through the pandemic and improve our quality of life. As a homeland security attorney and federal prosecutor, I worked for my country under both Democratic and Republican administrations out of a patriotic duty to do what’s right, improve the lives of my neighbors and protect our values and way of life.

I am running to represent Orange and San Diego Counties in the State Assembly to continue that effort and have a bigger impact on our community. I am running to focus on finding common sense solutions to some of our most pressing problems and ensure our state government is working for us – not special interests.

Sacramento has failed our community for too long. Too many politicians are stuck on partisan fighting instead of looking for real solutions that will improve our state. I will look for real results – a good idea is a good idea, no matter the party of the person who proposed it. I’ve spent my whole career bringing people together to solve hard problems, and I’ll do the same for you in the Assembly.

I will go to the Assembly to fight for what’s important and take a stand on issues important to Orange and San Diego Counties families. And I’m not afraid to take on the leaders of both parties, when necessary, to do what’s right for our community. I will always put you and your families above partisan politics – it’s what I’ve done my entire career and I’ll continue doing that in the Assembly.

I appreciate you taking the time to find out more about our campaign – please take a moment to learn more about me, sign-up for more information or to get involved. I would love to hear from you directly with any questions.

I look forward to working with you to make our community even better.


Chris Duncan

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