New San Diego

This committee is associated with San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria:

One contributor, Badiee Development, Inc. donated almost half of the total funds New San Diego received, $50,000. Badiee Development is currently lobbying the city of San Diego for project and permit approval for multiple development sites.

The next largest donation was $10,000 from the company  NUWI 2 CMR LLC (aka “New Urban West Inc”). This company is listed as a “Foreign” company incorporated only four years ago.  Nuwi has currently lobbying the city of San Diego for a housing development project in Carmel Mountain.

One name was very recognizable: Ben Haddad, former Republican Mayor Golding Chief of Staff and Deputy Chief of Staff / Cabinet Secretary under Republican Mayor Pete Wilson. Haddad is the Government Affairs Consultant at California Strategies, LLC. Haddad gave $1,250.00.

Another name from California Strategies, LLC was listed –Craig Benedetto, who was listed as a Principal at the LLC. Benedetto also gave $1,250.00.

Rachael Laing, the Communications Director for Mayor Todd Gloria, was also a contributor – $500.

Also, there was some labor support to New San Diego. The United Domestic Workers of America Action Fund gave $7,500 and the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters Political Action Fund threw in $5,000.

More information on this committee:

Local Filings of this committee can be found here.

This committee is a Independent Third Party Committee.

The Local Jurisdiction committee ID is 1440543

The committee address is 3295 Meade Avenue, Suite 212, San Diego, CA 92116.

Further Information:

Associated Propaganda Pieces/Slate Mailers

For Jane Glasson (Actually For Todd Gloria) – Team MAGA

For Jane Glasson (Actually For Todd Gloria) – Taxpayer Revolt!

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