Aeiramique Glass Blake

Candidate's Website:

Aeiramique Glass Blake known to most as Meeka, has served as a policy director, community organizer, conflict resolution facilitator, and community cohesion and race & equity consultant, as well as being one of the leading restorative justice practitioners in San Diego County.

Aeiramique currently serves multiple advisory boards representing communities of color such as the San Diego Chief of Police Board of Advisors, the City Attorney’s Advisory Board, and the Chief of Probation Advisory Board, as well as other boards and coalitions.

Aeiramique has advised on many peace and justice initiatives and programs with University Of California San Diego (UCSD), University Of San Diego & The Peace and Justice Institute (USD), San Diego State University (SDSU) as well as a consultant for The National Conflict Resolution Center. She is a member of the San Diego Chapter of the NAACP and Black American Political Association BAPAC. Aeiramique is the Director of Generation Justice and is in Partnership with the March For Our Lives San Diego Chapter.

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