Jen Crumley

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Imperial Beach is the city where I choose to raise my family, the city where I’m building my business, and the city I love and want to see thrive. I can’t imagine a better place to be than IB. IB has given me so much, and I want to give back by being a voice for the people of District 1.
My husband John and I love being part of this amazing community and we are so thankful for all the support we have received from all the people in IB. I promise I will work hard to serve my community and council with integrity and respect.  We need come together to make certain IB gets the resources it needs to flourish socially and economically.
I hope I can be the voice that represents the great people of IB.
With love,
Jen Crumley

My Values

Community, Family, Safety, Diversity, Integrity, Empowerment, Love, and Respect.

About Me

I’m the proud owner of Cow-A-Bunga, the daughter of an USAF Veteran, a mother of two daughters, a Professor, a the CEO and Regional Sales Director for a Cybersecurity company.

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