Leticia Munguia

Candidate's Website: https://www.leticiamunguia.com/

The daughter of immigrant parents from Mexico, Leticia was born in San Diego and grew up in southeast San Diego County.  Leticia attended local public schools, City College and graduated from San Diego State University.

While attending law school at the Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Lansing, Michigan, Leticia managed the Department of Justice Domestic Violence Program and developed a Spanish speaking outreach and communications campaign.

Leticia currently works at AFSCME District Council 36and spent 16 years representing workers at the California School Employees Association.

At the MAAC Project in San Diego, Leticia developed and implemented community outreach and engagement campaigns in some of San Diego’s most underrepresented communities.  She worked to build up the affordable housing stock, increase civic engagement and train youth and recent immigrants how to access resources.

After completing law school, Leticia worked at the San Diego County Alternate Public Defender’s Office ensuring representation in the justice system for everyone.  She was the first Latina investigator hired by the San Diego Alternate Public Defender.

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