CA Prop 1 – Right to Reproductive Freedom Amendment (2022 General)

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California Proposition 1, the Right to Reproductive Freedom Amendment, is on the ballot in California as a legislatively referred constitutional amendment on November 8, 2022.

A “yes” vote supports amending the state constitution to prohibit the state from interfering with or denying an individual’s reproductive freedom, which is defined to include a right to an abortion and a right to contraceptives.
A “no” vote opposes this amendment providing a right to reproductive freedom in the state constitution.

Associated Propaganda Pieces

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For Chris Duncan – Eyeballs Pol. Mail

For Joseph Rocha – RX Drug Prices

Against Laurie Davies – Alarming

Against Laurie Davies – Say NO to Extremist

Yes on Prop 1 – We Won’t Go Back

Yes on Prop 1 – CA Constitutional Abortion Care Right

Associated Slate Mailers

CA State Senate 38 – CDP – Anti-Choice MAGA Matt Gunderson

San Diego County – AFT Local 1931 Slate Mailer – Wake up!

CA AD 74 – CDP Slate – Disturbing Hats

CA AD 74 – CDP Slate – Lying Trump Laurie

CA State Senate 74 – CDP Slate – Against Laurie Davies “COVID .. Blessing”

CA State Senate 38 – CDP Slate – Against “Greedy” Gunderson

San Diego County – Republican Voter Guide Slate Mailer

Chula Vista CC D1 – SD Dems Slate Mailer

Chula Vista CC D2 – SD Dems Slate Mailer 3

Chula Vista CC D2 – SD Dems Slate Mailer 2

National City – SD Dems Slate Doorhanger

Natl City CC D3 – SD Dems Slate

San Diego County – Election Digest CA Slate

Duncan Against Davies

Chula Vista CC D2 – SD Dems Slate Mailer

La Mesa – CDP Slate Mailer

IB – SDICLC – IB Union Voter Guide Slate feat. Paloma

IB – SD Dems Voter Guide – IB Slate

CA State Conference of the NAACP PAC Slate Mailer

Equality CA Slate Mailer

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