SD County Dem Central Committee, AD 77 (2024 Primary/Top 6)

  • Year: 2024
  • Election Cycle Type: Primary
  • Election Scope: County
  • Location: San Diego County


Picture of Ann Crosbie smiling in a collared jacket with black top against a dark backdrop
Ann Crosbie
Picture of Bryan Pease smiling in a dark business jacket with grey tie and white collared shirt against a white background
Bryan Pease
Picture of Carol Naiman Waldman smiling on a blue background
Carol Naiman Waldman

Cynara Kidwell
Picture of Danny Avitia with arms folded in a grey business jacket and maroon tie with white collared shirt against a blurred building wall
Danny Avitia
Picture of Derek Casady smiling in glasses and wearing a blue collared shirt
Derek Casady
Picture of Destiny Preston smiling and sitting on a black foldable chair with pink collared jacket, white top, and black pants with chunky brown sandals on a polished stone floor and white wall in the background
Destiny Preston
Picture of Francine Busby smiling in a light grey formalo jacket with white top a thin gold chain necklace against an abstract background with purple
Francine Busby

Gregg Robinson
Picture of Japhet Perez Estrada smiling in a navy blue business jacket and open white collared shirt against the Coronado Bridge skyline
Japhet Perez Estrada
Picture of Mandy Havlik in a dark blue dress with white pearl necklace against blurred green foliage
Mandy Havlik
Picture of Meghann Hughes smiling against purple background
Meghann F. Hughes
Picture of Nancy Casady smiling with black jacket and white collared shirt with white necklace against a light grey studio backdrop
Nancy Casady
Picture of Nick Serrano smiling in a black business suit with purple tie and white collared shirt against a blurred building background
Nick Serrano
Picture of Nikki Faddick smiling with brown round earrings, cream top, and thin long necklace against a blurrede wooded area
Nikki Faddick
Picture of Parisa Ijadi-Maghsoodi smiling in a gray business jacket and light top against a blurred greenery and building background
Parisa Ijadi-Maghsoodi
Picture of Pratima Gupta with a bright smile, dangly earrings, and patterned collared shirt against a light blue to slightly darker bright blue gradient background
Pratima Gupta

Rebecca Taylor
Picture of Stephanie Wells smiling in a white top against a blue background
Stephanie Wells

Stephen Whitburn

Todd Gloria

Valentine Macedo Jr.

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