in favor of .

Received by a Democrat Female voter on 02/12/2020 via mail.

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  1. The years you did these things, were they changes to EPA, or amendments to 2005 Energy Act. Or the few protections that were removed by Congressional Review Act.
    BTW if you accept Toni As money you probably will be getting oil company money money money just trying to discern if you are honest politician I used to work for Jennifer Lesar and was awestruck when I heard she had received a $1000000 consultant fee from Tony Atkins Via San Diego government ethical
    it just keeps getting worse Kelvin Barrios is endorsed by Georgette Gomez to run for her old council person seat the Kelvin Barrios who has 4 breachs of ethics, stealing 4 different funds from Young Democrats to LGBT treasuries, plus,2 different campaign funds. Fletchers ascent via secret lackluster Republican resume. How does an untested Democrat, never served 1 day as a Dem and secures BIDENS endorsement. Where is Najirs flip the 50th notoriety?

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